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Who we are


Ceramiche Sonda is a business story linked to a person and a territory: our father, Domenico Sonda , and the district of artistic ceramics between Bassano del Grappa and Nove (VI).

It is right here, in the City of Ceramics , that our father grew up professionally, gained experience and developed a passion for this ancient art, a dedication that he then passed on to us.
It was the best context for training: the production district of Nove and Bassano is in fact one of the most important in Italy and boasts a long tradition that has its roots in the seventeenth century . At the height of its splendour, it was one of the most important tableware manufacturing centers in Europe.

With the acquired professionalism and skills, our father founded his own company in 1974, in Rosà, which immediately distinguished itself for the production of large-sized Capodimonte-style ceramics .

In 1980 we children harvested the legacy of this knowledge, bringing further creativity and energy to the company. In 2000 we expanded the operational spaces and in 2008 we gave new impetus to our reality, with an increase in our active presence on the market and research and the arrival of new shapes and colors.

Ceramiche Sonda has made itself known and appreciated over the years for the extreme quality and attention to detail of its manufacturing, especially for the creation of floral applications in the typical Capodimonte style and very elaborate large-scale furnishing accessories.

Today we deliver our skills to the third generation, strengthened by what has been handed down to us and by everything we have learned in our laboratory, by experimenting and innovating.

Our team is made up of around fifteen craftsmen, who each day give life with their hands to unique pieces that will go to embellish and personalize the homes of our customers in Italy and abroad. Our greatest satisfaction!

Luca, Simone and Alessandro Sonda

One rose will never be the same as another.
Our ceramics are handmade in every stage of the process: each piece is unique.

Dominico Sonda
@Ceramiche Sonda


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